Family Resemblance?

So I was reading bioethics blogs, trying to jumpstart the creative process (I needed to revise a bioethics issue in one of my SF books), and I came across a quote.
Every human being should have not only that right but the passionate duty to reach out with all his or her strength to help others, even if it involves such controversial technology as cloning. If that means playing God, then it is playing God in a good way.
Michael West, Ph.D., Advanced Cell Technologies; therapeutic cloning advocate
I'm guessing this is a scion of the Arkham Wests? Is his PhD from Miskatonic?
Blasphemy? Before what? God? A God repulsed by the miserable humanity He created in His own image? I will not be shackled by the failures of your God. The only blasphemy is to wallow in insignificance. I have taken the refuse of your God's failures and I have triumphed. There! THERE is my creation!
Herbert West, Bride of Reanimator

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penny farthing said...

That Bride of Reanimator quote is seriously one of the coolest things ever. It helps that Jeffrey Combs is the world's greatest mad scientist. Also, I totally read that in his voice.