Never Trust a Wizard

The OGL shenanigans Wizards is trying to pull had me in a depression spiral for a bit, since I'd been intending to publish both fiction and game material based on my Pathfinder stuff. Since that's at best very risky, I've been working on a new TTRPG that will try to feel similar to 1e Pathfinder but be distinct enough (you can't copyright a game mechanic anyway) that Wizards can't get their grubby little paws in. (Apparently 2e Pathfinder is legally distinct enough that they only include OGL nods as a courtesy to third-party designers, and 2e is a real familiar game if you know d20.)

Anyway that's why there probably won't be a regular post this month. On the plus side I might be able to make a workable version of Pathfinder's abortive Words of Power system, because I am a maniac. (I'm also going with a True20 style damage-system, instead of hit points, which always bugged me with their abstractitude. Mine gets better every level though, like hit dice.)

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