Late Addenda

Had some more random thoughts after the previous.
  • In British English, they either call, or used to call, a straitjacket, a strait-waistcoat. Only, uh, the waistcoat is that component of the three-piece suit known in American English as a vest. So, by definition, it has no sleeves. But a straitjacket is defined by its unusually long sleeves. That just makes no sense.
  • Ishikawa Goemon XIII, in Lupin III, has a sword named Zantekken, the Iron Cutting Sword. What's interesting is, Beren, in the Silmarillion, has a sword named Angrist. It's the same Ang(c) as in Orthanc, the Iron Tower, and the same Rist as in Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver. So Beren's sword is named Iron Cutter.

    How do you say "Once again, I cut a trifling object" in Elvish?
  • The longer one debates drug-legalization, the probability of one's interlocutor saying "I don't need laws to keep me from becoming a junkie, do you?" approaches 1. It's like Godwin's Law without the dignity or logical validity. Basically their tiny halfwit Anglo-Liberaltarian minds are incapable of arguing without the ad hominem.

    Only, what's amusing is, the automatic response, which you may be assured I always make—because it is one giant middle finger to the kind of halfwit liber(al)tarian who makes that argument—is "Okay, but the same argument goes for abolishing the Constitution. I don't need a piece of paper by a bunch of wooden-toothed slave-owning Freemasons to keep from being a tyrant. Do you?"

    And, of course, we spend more on Constitutional law—have you looked into the cost of a Supreme Court hearing?—than we do on drug-enforcement, certainly on a case-by-case basis if not in gross.

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