The Way of the Voice

Skyrim reference by name but not by nature. No, actually, it's about dinosaurs. You may have heard that we have no evidence that dinosaurs had vocal cords—or, given what modern dinosaurs' vocal apparatus is, "syrinxes".

If it seems lame to you that dinosaurs never could've roared, because they didn't have voices at all, well, there is actually a bird that has no vocal cords. It's called the turkey vulture, and it is one of the coolest birds in existence—not least because it and the two species of condor are, unlike the European vultures, not birds of prey (European vultures are hawks, that's why they hunt by sight, rather than smell like turkey vultures), or at least they're not closely related to them. No, they're members of a larger group scientists call "hell if we know", because the taxonomy of the New World vultures is one of the great mysteries of zoology—they may actually be related to storks.

And incidentally, this is a turkey vulture's call. Imagine something the size of T. rex making that noise: you still prefer the elephant noises they used for the T. rex in Jurassic Park?

Here's the sound a vulture makes if you startle it. Does "homicidal steam kettle" not seem cool enough for you?

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penny farthing said...

Haha the first vulture sound made Hotaru jump up and run for cover. Both those sounds are badass dinosaur noises.