Man's Gotta Eat

Just found Eat Man, even though it's pretty old. And odd. And, how have I managed to miss this thing?

I love the art-style. It vaguely reminds me of the crummy movie "The Wizards", and it's a style you'll see in other manga and anime from that era; the fact few modern manga still use that style is probably one of the great tragedies of the history of art.

I wonder if it set the genre of Rain and Trigun, though. 'Cause it's got the long-coated dude with the tea-shades and the mysterious past, with a one-syllable name—and the transformation of Bolt's arm quite resembles both the Angel Arms and when Rain starts to lose his human shape.

Incidentally, this is probably the least fantastical of the members of that genre: because Bolt is, almost canonically, a nanomachine swarm. Basically he's a man-shaped Gray Goo, and he can also reconstruct anything he eats. If you notice, he very rarely uses vehicles—is it perhaps because he's too dense?

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penny farthing said...

What an awesome manga! I love the characters and the setting is quite cool. That's one of my favorite art styles of anime/manga as well - it's detailed but still kind of cartoony, and the buildings and vehicles look so solid and heavy. It works very well for a black and white comic, especially one with a lot of action, since it's so clear and readable.